Alma Teas Brand Myth
At Alma Teas we like to keep things simple. Using the highest quality, organic ingredients to ensure that Alma Teas is not only good for your body & soul, but also for the environment. 
The mission of Alma Teas is to evoke tranquillity amidst the everyday hustle of life. The name Alma, meaning to comfort & foster, the very essence of who we are. 
We are a comfort blanket, the light in the dark, a helping hand when the going gets tough. We will inspire you to tackle mountains, we will guide you home, give you hope, & provide protection when you most need it. We can be the seashore when you are far out in the ocean. Alma teas is here for you. 
So why not put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of Alma tea, & get ready to plan your next adventure...

Alma Teas Case Study Animation
I collected maps, illustrations, vintage airmail, transparencies, a film camera, a compass, an enamel mug, pens and pencils, to create the scene for my film. The idea is that the consumer is planning their next adventure whilst drinking a cup of Alma Tea! My themes are also subtly hinted at in my film, with the illustration of the lighthouse, ship and mountain man.

Logo Design
My final logo design and how it should be used through the brand. I chose a type that looked “handmade” and one that had exaggerated points on the A and M, so that the letters looked like mountain tops. I also decided to include the mountain man climbing up the letter M. I chose the name "Alma" as it means to "Comfort and foster", the very essence of my brand.

My starting point for my visuals for my tea brand was illustrating a mountain scape. Within the illustrations the 4 main “reassuring” themes are hidden amongst the landscape. I’ve drawn a Ship to represent Reassurance. A Tent to offer Protection. A Mountain Man to Inspire. Lastly a Lighthouse to bring Hope. These themes are reflected in the tea flavours too!

Packaging Design
The Alma Teas tea tin collection. The Speciality range, is presented in tins to keep everything fresh, and just something that looks even more aesthetically pleasing on the shelf! These tins have white text, as each label is silk screen printed, adding to the quality of the tea.  
I have also introduced the Mini Alma Teas tin collection. The tin holds just 5 individually wrapped tea bags, just enough tea to take with you on your daily adventures, and small enough to sit in your rucksack or pocket.

Packaging Design
The Alma Teas tea box collection. Also known as the basic range of teas, as it is packaged in 100% recycled kraft paper. Each box includes 20 individually wrapped unbleached tea bags. When the 4 tea boxes are lined up on the shelf together they form the one landscape. An incentive for the consumer to collect all the teas in the collection. Each tea is organically grown and harvested from the best quality sources across the world. 
The four flavours: The Organic everyday tea (the reassuring tea). The wild mint tea (the protective tea). The wild berry and ginger root tea (The inspiring tea). The organic chamomile and manuka honey (The hopeful tea).

Packaging/Net Design

Alma Teas packaging is printed using vegetable based inks on sustainably sourced cardboard. The string on each biodegradable bag is organic, and as there are no staples on the bags, they can go straight in the compost.
Tea Sachets/Tag Design
On each tea sachet in every tea box/tin there is a quote on the back relating to the theme of the tea flavour. For example for the Inspiring wild berry and ginger root tea one of the 20 sachets says “The mountains are calling and I must go” John Muir. The Reassuring organic everyday tea says “Watch carefully, the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.” Atticus.

As we are in such a digital age, and it has become increasingly “trendy” to have a “nice” instagram account, designing a facebook and instagram for Alma Teas only seemed right. Also my target audience is for the fashion conscious, organic living, coffee drinking, modern day explorers! On the instagram account the consumer is able to tag their photos with #AlmaAdventures, being able to share their daily adventures and connect with fellow Alma tea drinkers.
Supported By...
Supporting your daily adventures by Alma Teas is a campaign to “get you out there”. To inspire our tea drinkers to climb mountains and canoe the great waters of the world. To escape from the everyday hustle of life. The campaign supports people that are doing amazing things, with photos shared on our social media we will follow them on there adventures, and share there stories with the world.


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