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• Annie Atkins – Graphic Design Assistant & Studio Photographer (August – September 2018) Making and photographing props for Annies latest book published by Phaidon.
• ‘The Rook’ (Television) – Graphic Design Assistant (March – August 2018)
Lionsgate | Graphic Designer Sophie Powell. Production Designer Jonathan Lee. Sup Art Dir An- drew Rothschild. Art Dirs Justin Warburton-Brown, Kate Evenden, James Morrall & Dan Swingler. Set Dec Elli Griff
• The Voyage of Dr Dolittle (Feature) – Graphics Trainee (February 2018)
Graphic Designer Laura Dishington. Production Designer Dominic Watkins. Sup Art Dir Matthew Gray. Art Dirs Gary Tomkins, Will Coubrough, Peter Dorme, Oliver Robert, Tom Weaving,Tom Whitehead. Set Decoration Lee Sandales
• Annie Atkins – Studio Assistant (January 2018)
Assisting Annie Atkins in her studio in Dublin, with projects in the studio, both commercial design and graphic design for film and TV. Illustration for victorian lettering (see portfolio).
• ‘Patrick Melrose’ (Television) – Graphic Design Intern (November 2017)
Little Island Productions | Graphic Designer Sophie Powell, Production Designer Tom Burton, Sup Art Dir Lynne Huitson, Art Dirs Lucienne Suren, Will Smith & Andrea Matheson, Set Deco- ration Barbara Herman-Skelding
• &Smith Studio – Graphic Design Intern (July 2017) Branding agency focusing on restauratns and hotel.
• Annie Atkins – Graphic Design for Filmmaking Workshop (January 2017)
Two days spent learning all things graphic design in film, from how to break down a script; how a graphic designer works within the art dept; how graphics are used as storytelling devices; research- ing into graphic design and methods from history; and how to draw and make graphics by hand.
• B&B Studio – Graphic Design Intern (September 2016) Packaging and branding agency in London.
• Untitled BCN – Artist in Residence (August 2016)
Two weeks spent as an artist in residence at the Untitled gallery in Barcelona. Here I worked on a collaborative project with my friend, and on personal projects.
• Fricker UK – Graphic Design Intern (June 2015 - September 2015)
A small international design firm focusing on branding based in Vancouver, Canada.
• Goldeneye Guides – Graphic Designer (2014 - 2017)
Over the last few years I have helped with the graphic design for Goldeneye. As well as the book design for the Cotswold collection in 2014, and the redesign of the Cornwall guidebook, 2016.
• Flora Fricker Design & Illustration (2013 - 2014)
In my year out after college I was determined to make use of my creative skills, and went ahead and formed my own little business. I designed my own range of cards, notebooks and accessories, and had several stockists throughout the UK.
• Caroline Fricker Bridal Wear – Web Designer, Studio Photographer & Online Content(2012 - 2016)
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