Graphic props — Blouse pattern, Invoice, Cotton reels, Buttons, Needles, Silk flowers, Sketchbook
Graphic props for Eliza Doolittle and her trip to the haberdashery department. (Edwardian era)
The Brief: Select a character and make graphic props for them.
Solution: Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady, and her trip to the haberdashery department to make herself a beautiful outfit. After the Edwardian ladies of London waltz up and down the promenade, she has been greatly inspired and has filled her little pocket sketchbook with many fancy frocks. Here she has bought everything she needs to recreate her own dress. 
Penny patten blouse 
Buttons and cotton reels
Sewing needles and silk flowers
Goods invoice
Sketchbook of Edwardian ladies in beautiful frocks


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